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The island of Cuba is a tropical climbing paradise, and Cuba Climbing is the definitive guide. This guidebook puts the incredible limestone of Viñales at your fingertips. And it is available as either a full color souvenir or a digital pdf.

If considering an excursion to Cuba, the first step, is to buy the guidebook. It can be be ordered online, as a book or a pdf, from the publisher, Quickdraw Publications. Quickdraw will ship within North America and to Europe.

Don’t count on buying the guidebook in Cuba. The government is the sole importer, and does not sell the guidebook. A few climbers have been told that the guidebook is prohibited. None has ever been confiscated. The only banned climbing guidebook, however, is a superior souvenir.

In a pinch, Raúl Reyes, whose farm you cross to reach many climbs on the Mogote del Valle, occasionally has guidebooks for sale. Many times they are autographed. Expect to pay much more than buying from Quickdraw.

For a decade, the first American climbers to explore Cuba returned again and again, despite U.S. law threatening fines and imprisonment. As one would expect following the initial decade of climbing in Cuba, the guide is much more than merely descriptions of routes and approaches. It reflects this history of commitment and devotion. Its authors, Aníbal Fernández and Armando Menocal, are the first Cuban climber and the first foreigner, albeit a Cuban-American, to “discover” Cuba’s climbing potential. Passionate about Cuba, their commitment to Cuban climbing has forced one author leave his country and the other to be excluded and declared inadmissible to Cuba.

Few if any guidebooks have so many contributors, and every one of them donated their images and labors. Images have been contributed by the best professional photographers, like Andy Burr, Jimmy Chin, Mickey Robertson, Fernando Nuñez and Beth Wald. Every photo, map, and topo is full color.

And unlike other guides, the book includes personal essays with intimate perspectives on their Cuban experiences by some of climbing’s best writers, Dan Duane, Neil Gresham, Craig Luebben, and Timmy O’Neil.

On-line purchasing is available through the websites listed below. Feel free to contact us if you need further assistance.

United States, Canada and Most International:

Quickdraw Publications for either the hard copy book or the digital pdf edition.

Europe and Great Britain:
Freytag & Berndt – Germany


Cuba Climbing, Released: September, 2009
ISBN 978-0-9732593-6-0
Authors: Anibal Fernandez & Armando Menocal
Dimensions: 5.875″ wide by 8.25″ tall
Pages: 204
Contents: Colour
Suggested Retail Price: $29.95 USD/CDN